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Welcome to the Professional Development Center of the Career and Technical Education Assistance Center of NY. The resources you will find here are selected to provide educators with tools they can use to implement successful CTE programs. Additionally, you will find current research relevant to CTE educators. Use the navigation box on the left to access these resources.

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Public Resource 4 September, 2012 Case Studies Case Studies 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
By The NumbersModel Of
700 students
80% minority
78% economically disadvantaged
22% students with disabilities
5% English language learners
95% attendance rate
1% dropout rate
Career Academies
Rigor and Relevance
Technology Integration
Year: 2010
A.J. Moore (Moore) is a magnet high school designed to prepare students for success in
postsecondary education and in the work place. Students are prepared to excel academically, physically,
and socially. A strong special emphasis is placed upon the Career Academies, of which four were
operational during 2005-06, with two more being added for 2006-07. Recently, Moore was selected by
the Governor and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to receive one of three state STEM (science,
technology,...Read more
Public Resource 4 September, 2012 Case Studies Case Studies 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
By The NumbersModel Of
• 1341 Student Enrollment
• 55 % Black Students
• 38% White Students
• 10% ELL
• 74% free/reduced lunch
• 73.5% Graduation rate
• 13% Students with Disabilities

How Griffin High School is Utilizing a Federal School Improvement Grant to Transform its Culture
Career Academies
Raising Student Achievement
Small Learning Communities
Year: 2012
Griffin High School (GHS) is a 9-12 school located in a suburban community south of Atlanta, GA and is 1 of 2 high schools in the Griffin-Spalding County School (GSCS) district. GSCS has 18 schools- 2 high schools, 4 middle schools, 11 elementary schools, and 1 alternative school. GHS serves approximately 1340 students of which 55% are minority, 38% white, and only 1% of the student population is ELL. The free and reduced lunch population has risen to78%. Students with disabilities represent...Read more
Public Resource 4 September, 2012 Case Studies Case Studies 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
By The NumbersModel Of
• 1,640 students
• 14% students with disabilities
• 24% free/reduced lunch
• 97% graduation rate
• 96% attendance rate
• AYP not met
Career Tech
Data-driven Decision Making
Year: 2012
Jensen Beach High School opened in Jensen Beach, Florida, in 2004. In its short existence, the school has achieved outstanding student performance and recognition for its programs, administrators, and faculty. Through the concept of experiential education, students engage in real-world activities within all the disciplines. Some of these experiences include band students playing alongside the Latin Grammy award winner, Mr. Nestor Torres, art and social studies students creating quilts that ar...Read more
Public Resource 4 September, 2012 Case Studies Case Studies 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
By The NumbersModel Of
• 2035 students
• 45% minority
• 10% with disabilities
• 30% free/reduced lunch
• 1.8% dropout rate
Character and Service Education
Comprehensive High School
Rigor and Relevance
Special Education
Year: 2012
Kennesaw Mountain High School in Cobb County, Georgia, is a national model of how to hold high expectations for all students and meet individual student needs within a large comprehensive high school. Located in the city of Kennesaw, the school serves the northwest area of Cobb County, which has the second largest school system in Georgia and the 30th largest in the United States. It opened in 2000.

Kennesaw Mountain is a large suburban school within a supportive community. In 2011-2012, t...Read more
Public Resource 4 September, 2012 Case Studies Case Studies 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
By The NumbersModel Of
1,800 students
64% minority
38% free/reduced lunch
15% with disabilities
22% English language learners
96% graduation rate
55% UC/ CSU A-G Completion
CA Similar Schools Rank of 10
AYP met
Career Tech
Comprehensive High School
Data-driven Decision Making
Rigor and Relevance
Small Learning Communities
Technology Integration
Year: 2011
Woodside High School (Woodside), home of the Wildcats, has been serving the communities of the San Francisco mid-peninsula since its opening in 1958. The 34-acre campus lies just east of the Santa Cruz Mountains and is one of five campuses in the Sequoia Union High School District (SUHSD). Woodside has approximately 1,800 students who come from the surrounding communities of Redwood City, Woodside, Portola Valley, Menlo Park, San Carlos, and East Palo Alto.
The school community reflects the ...Read more
Public Resource 19 April, 2012 Technical Bulletins Technical Bulletins 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
When introducing new resources with faculty and staff, a question often heard is "Where do we begin?" This CTE Technical Bulletin will assist participants in locating sample Gold Seal Lessons and reviewing their development on the CTE TAC Website. Included in this bulletin is a WebQuest Tutorial on connecting with the Gold Seal Lessons on the CTE TAC Website and a GSL Activity Sheet to help clarify what makes a Gold Seal Lesson and how it reflects on student learning. This bulletin was dev...Read more
Public Resource 28 February, 2014 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
The CAREER Instructional Model is based on the assumption that career readiness is not exclusively a specific curriculum, but results from how teachers facilitate student-centered learning to increase engagement, develop personal skills, and foster creativity
Public Resource 1 October, 2014 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
How is digital game-based learning impacting education? One key driver is the powerful combination of adaptive learning and foundational skill sequencing to improve academic outcomes.

Engaging and motivating today's learner is more challenging than ever before. We will investigate how game-based learning can help engage students by looking at specific New York CTE Learning Standards on the relationships and common themes that connect mathematics, science, and technology to other areas of...Read more
Public Resource 15 November, 2013 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
Students who are educated, but not fully prepared for their entry into the real world of work, will struggle. Armed only with knowledge, and lacking in skills, they will be at a real disadvantage. Faced with mounting pressure to help raise test scores, CTE educators must remain committed to their mission of providing students with more than a diploma. Those CTE educators who are successful never lose sight of their students' inevitable destination - the world of work and careers.
Public Resource 3 May, 2013 Research Research 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
Folder: College Readiness
In Arizona as elsewhere, the future belongs to the skilled. Education and training are the stepping stones to individual development and economic self-sufficiency. Trained entrepreneurs, professionals and workers fuel business growth, attract prized employers and drive statewide prosperity in all sectors. As Arizona emerges from the Great Recession, its future success requires an education system that provides future workers with the skills and credentials to meet the rising challenge of glob...Read more

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