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Welcome to the Professional Development Center of the Career and Technical Education Assistance Center of NY. The resources you will find here are selected to provide educators with tools they can use to implement successful CTE programs. Additionally, you will find current research relevant to CTE educators. Use the navigation box on the left to access these resources.

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Public Resource 10 May, 2016 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
Effective speaking and listening skills are key traits of career readiness. This webinar will examine the components of teaching effective communication skills in a classroom setting.
Public Resource 28 March, 2016 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
Today's high-quality employment opportunities require a more advanced level of literacy than ever before. It is now widely recognized that students must be able to read, understand and analyze high-level nonfiction information in order to be successful in future careers. Many CTE programs acknowledge the importance of improving adolescent literacy skills and have made this a top priority in their programs.
Public Resource 2 March, 2016 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
If you want:
to develop CTE courses that engage students with interests in all disciplines
to convince your community that CTE is relevant and a critically important piece of today's middle level curriculum
to create meaningful learning opportunities for students of all ability levels
to remove the silos in which different CTE disciplines operate
...then this is the webinar for you.
Public Resource 1 March, 2016 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
The New York State CTE Program Approval Process focuses educators on the best practices to develop programs which provide rigorous academic content closely aligned with career and technical subject matter. Commissioner's Regulation 100.5(d)(6)(iv) is operationalized through the program approval process. However, this process helps in the development of new programs of study, as well as the evaluation and/or updating of current programs
Public Resource 22 January, 2016 Webinars Webinars 1 Like1 Like 0 Comments
With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act many of the obstacles of putting Career Ready on equal footing with College Ready have been cleared.
Public Resource 14 December, 2015 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
Education and career/life planning is a lifelong process that requires all learners to adapt to changes in themselves and the world around them. To help ensure success, this dynamic needs to be reflected in the country's middle and high school career counseling programs. The fundamental challenges are to help students become aware of the broad range of available careers and then to learn how to connect their interests and skills to an educational pathway that leads to rewarding opportunities ...Read more
Public Resource 19 November, 2015 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
The term "pathways" is currently being used in the context of several educational frameworks. This webinar will focus on the resources of the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium's 16 Career Clusters and 79 Pathways to help guide teachers and administrators in making decisions that build and strengthen career awareness and career exploration.
Public Resource 20 October, 2015 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
CTE programs offer a hands-on approach to learning English as a second language by making learning relevant and meaningful for ELLs. While the lack of English proficiency can stifle student success in CTE, by becoming aware of students' affective, linguistic, and social needs, CTE programs can accelerate language acquisition
Public Resource 18 September, 2015 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
**The CTE Technical Assistance Center is facilitated by the not-for-profit Successful Practices Network (SPN), based in Rexford, NY. SPN also sponsors the Career Readiness Institute, a membership organization for K-12 educators that identifies and shares resources and strategies that support and promote student "career readiness" for schools and districts across the nation. Recognizing the critical role that career and technical education plays in making students career-ready, the Institute m...Read more
Public Resource 30 April, 2015 Webinars Webinars 0 Likes0 Likes 0 Comments
In most CTE and STEM programs, the number of female students is astoundingly low. While CTE and STEM programs in New York are rigorous and standards are high, the importance of gender equity is sometimes ignored or overlooked.

Gender inequity is also prolific in industry. True change is long overdue, yet by changing habits and mindsets in school, our future leaders will be better able to confront general inequity in the workplace.

This webinar will provide strategies, techniques, an...Read more

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